Sick and Tired of Life!

Whose felt this way recently, in the past or knows someone feeling this way right now? As I’m typing this I’ve been feeling sick and really tired; not of life, but I have been there before. I think that I have a stomach virus or something but I want go to the doctor; hoping that I’ll just get better. Now, what do you do  when you don’t have control; like in the situation of being physically sick and tired or even mentally fed up with life?  Well, after I slept as much as I could in a house with 2 children under 3; I read in the Word and then I prayed to God and asked Him: what is something good that I could do while feeling icky, (yep I have mom brain). Writing has always been therapeutic for me and so that’s what I’m doing now. This morning I read Proverbs 21 and verse 21 stood out to me it says, 

21 People who try hard to do good and be faithful will find life, goodness, and honor.” ERV (easy to read version) 

Now, yesterday mornings bible study was on the Good, Bad and Ugly and in life there are many events and memories that we could categorize as these. Proverbs 21:21 is saying if we focus on doing good; that being God’s plan for us then everything will eventually fall into place and be all right. Doing good  doesn't always come with immediate gratification. It’s like soup the longer the ingredients sit together the tastier it will be. Our faith becomes richer the longer we sit on it and our lives will be filled with goodness and honor. People will know us as a good person and respect us. So, rather you or someone you know is going through some trials right now that you could describe as, “Sick and Tired of Life,” or physically- I encourage you to find hope in God’s word and reach out to someone today who may need your encouragement too; in turn it will help you feel better today and that’s all that we have to live for is today– so let’s make it the best day that can be! I hope that you like this newsletter and will share it and visit my facebook page too and say hi!
  Love in Christ Jesus, Kim Fincher
My boys J.J. and David.


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