Thanksgiving Blessings

I HOPE everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving thursday and enjoy this time with your loved ones!! I am so very thankful for my 2 handsome sons and wonferful husband who I adore and all of our family! we get to have 2 thanksgiving meals one thursday n one saturday how wonderfully blessed we are! i'm most thankful for my salvation through Jesus Christ!! I love you Lord!

 My Better Half
Genesis 2:24
My husband is my anchor,
He is the visible of all that Christ is by faith.
He shows me unending love and forgiveness,
His love is unconditional,
And so is his heart towards me.
He is the only one,
Who goes beyond his limits
And dares to care.

He gives me more than material needs and comforts,
But most valuable: his time.
He’s cried with me, laughed with me,
Endured my anger, as I have his,
And received my forgiveness,
As many times as he’s forgiven me.
He sees me for more than his lover & mate,
But as his best friend and a helping hand.
We’ve moved forward and two steps backwards together,
But most important with Christ dwelling within
And always together!


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