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A Heart Wide Open devotional: The Cost of Death

The Cost of Deathby Kim Fincher What's the cost of following Christ? God paid the ultimate price. He allowed His son to be persecuted, beaten and put to death; so that we can have life now and after death with Him. As followers of Christ we must also pay a price. Every day we must make a choice to live for God or for the world. Some people think that they have it all figured out. They were born into a Christian family and they grow up learning how to be religious. We can not simply believe in Jesus Christ, our hearts have to be devoted to Him. The cost of Christs death on the cross is for us to have eternal life and for sin not to have power over us. That gift is the greatest gift that God our Father God has made available to all who believe and have faith in Him. His Spirit is waiting on us to surrender our pride, our self and to lead a life worthy of His calling.  How do you live for God? He chooses you and He gives you the grace to serve Him and you have to choose Him. It is t…

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