A Heart Wide Open devotional: The Cost of Death

The Cost of Death

by Kim Fincher

What's the cost of following Christ? God paid the ultimate price. He allowed His son to be persecuted, beaten and put to death; so that we can have life now and after death with Him. As followers of Christ we must also pay a price. Every day we must make a choice to live for God or for the world. Some people think that they have it all figured out. They were born into a Christian family and they grow up learning how to be religious. We can not simply believe in Jesus Christ, our hearts have to be devoted to Him. The cost of Christs death on the cross is for us to have eternal life and for sin not to have power over us. That gift is the greatest gift that God our Father God has made available to all who believe and have faith in Him. His Spirit is waiting on us to surrender our pride, our self and to lead a life worthy of His calling. 
How do you live for God? He chooses you and He gives you the grace to serve Him and you have to choose Him. It is the sweetest blessing that anyone could ever have! So many believers are living cold and dead lives not filled or lead by the Holy Spirit-they might look good on the outside but inside they look like a walking zombie. What is so sad is they are taking the gift of salvation for granted. You can not store a treasure such as this in a closet where it gets dusty this gift must be proudly worn and shown off.
How do you show off your salvation? You live by faith. You show up where He wants you. You walk in obedience and humility. You give generously from a heart filled with love for God's children, for Gods family as Christ Jesus did.
Being a Disciple of Christ takes a life long commitment. It's like going to college for a Doctorates Degree. That's the kind of focus and dedication we should be having for the Lord. He deserves honor and devotion more than anything or anyone. He deserves a heart wide open ready to go as He calls us. We should be putting Christ first and with that real ministry can take place and transform our community as we come together as the Body of Christ putting Him first. I don't despair completely, because I've seen miracles happen in my lifetime and in my life so I know that the impossible is possible when we put Christ first!
My challenge to you this New Years 2013 is to put Christ first. Dedicate your time and your life to putting Him first and I guarantee at the end of this new year you will have much praise to give, much joy to share and many great memories to cherish. I look forward to growing more in my faith and learning from the master teacher and sharing with those in need of a little faith, a little hope, and a little encouragement to know that they are not alone and the creator of this universe loves them and knows them by name!
If you are thinking that your life is out of control, your problems are too big then you haven't tooken the time to read the word, to get to know your heavenly Father and I challenge you to do that right now. Let's pray: "Father God, in the name of Jesus I know that you are real and I believe in Jesus Christ but I haven't devoted my life to you. I am taking the time to ask for your plans for me and asking for your direction and guidance this new year. I am choosing to put you first today." Amen
I hope that you will do this each day and reap the eternal rewards and see His love for you. Wherever we are He is there, if we will let Him in our hearts, He will take refuge there, dwell there, if we will let Him in. Will you open your heart, mind and spirit to the Lord, this year, this day, this moment?
Praise the Lord-He is so good!!


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