Freedom Behind Bars great New Years read!

Freedom Behind Bars

Testimonies of Faith

Authored by Kimberly Bethann Fincher

Stories of faith, hope, struggles and love of Christ Jesus behind bars. Join us as those deemed as convicts and criminals by society share their testimonies of changed life's through the Word of God and Jesus Christ. Their testimonies offer inspiration, encouragement and a different perspective on life than most people have ever experienced. Each persons story you read is unique and different except for the one thing that matters the most their faith and hope in Jesus. They find true and lasting freedom where there is no freedom in prison. May you find the same where you are at and I hope it's not behind bars. Inmates testimonies are followed by the authors testimony and bible lessons on faith, hope and love; the foundation for christian living. The purchase of this book goes to expanding this prison ministry: Kim Fincher Ministries. Thank you for your support and please keep the inmates in your prayers. Please visit our website:
Also you can check Kim's blog.
Praise God for His love and mercy!
visit our group on facebook: Prayers for Prisoners

List Price: $5.00
5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
96 pages

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