True Prosperity isn't found in $$$

True Prosperity:
is not connected with how much money you make
or how much cool stuff you can buy.

True Prosperity is not measured
by how important you are in your community or at your job
or by how good they think you are or
by how much you give and do.

I am talking about real riches and wealth,
the kind that gives you freedom,
like you have never known before,
the kind that gives you an inner joy and peace,
not found in a drug, bottle or march.

True Prosperity that comes from knowing
He know your name,
He hears your prayers,
He is my provider and my protection
from all harm and my greatest teacher.

True Prosperity is found in Christ-Jesus alone.
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Thank you.


kewkew said…
What a wonderful reminder and a true encouragement. Thank you so much for sharing on Throwback Thursday. I am not sure what I can't pin this, but it is saying there are no pinnable images.
I can't wait to see what you share this week on Throwback Thursday.

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