"Come As You Are"

"Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

As far as clothing is concerned, my husband gave a great summary this morning on why he doesn't dress up for church any more; he said you shouldn't have to dress to impress others to like you, that they should like you for who you are and if that's pants and a t-shirt, or a suit just be yourself. He is a pants and casual shirt guy so that's what he's most comfortable in. I myself am the same and thought that it's good to wear a dress and uncomfortable shoes to church because it makes you feel good; but really nah, I changed my mind this morning too, and I felt much more comfortable to come as I am to church. We go to thank God, praise Him, and worship Him and to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. That's are agenda so clothing isn't an issue and the only issue I have is girls dressing very revealing and disrespectfully where you can see their whole body through their tight fitting clothes; this is unfortunate still happening today but I just try not to look at them and keep my eyes on the Lord and the Word that's brought by the preacher.

If you are looking for a perfect church then you will always be searching and never find one because God is the only one who is perfect; we are just imperfect people saved by His perfect grace coming together; so every chance you get, smile and show some love for all your neighbors rather they go to your church, the church down the street, or no church the message Jesus gives us is simple: to love your God and love your neighbor; without love their is no church.

Have a restful evening!

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