I am Weak He is Strong

In our weakness God is there and he fills the cracks of our broken vessel. 

The flaws of our lives are filled with His superglue Grace and He replaces our dark sin nature with His light. He uses the meek, weak, and the broken as an example to show the world He loves even them and He loves you too. I have many struggles but I'm not alone and I'm not a failure I am a testimony of an overcoming, undefeated, beautiful Child of God and so are you. 

I ask you to ask God for His purpose for your life today and start listening to His voice and reading His word everyday and your life will be a blessing to your family, your children, and you will know how rich you are because you have Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and you can be a blessing by reaching out in love to someone today and meeting their needs rather it be a conversation, knowing that someone cares, a phone call or a visit these are gifts that money can not buy and true blessings. Jesus visited with the sinner and spent time with people we might consider unpleasant but He had such a deep love for them. 

Help us Lord have that love like Jesus did to comfort the lost and the broken. Amen 
Be Encouraged! Jesus Loves You!!  Kim Fincher

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