Low-Cost Ministry Books

I have two books published. The first is FreedomBehind Bars-Inmate Testimonies includes my first studies on Faith, Hope, and Love, second is Following God-Plans for Your Future a study from the Sermon on the Mount focusing on what Jesus said. We offer at our very lowest price without making a profit in hopes to spread the encouragement and love of Jesus Christ. We send to those in prison through out the U.S.A. We will give away as many as we can afford this new year to let them know their's still hope for a new life, and a new beginning in Jesus Christ. If you can sponsor someone’s book request along with yours that would be great each book costs us $5.63 to mail out from our publisher to you all donations are appreciated, we also use a lot of stamps, thanks! We also offer a bulk purchase rate discount for those who would like to buy for your small group or as gifts. min. order of 10 for this discount. We are going to try and reach as many people with these books as possible as a ministry tool to encourage and inspire people throughout the U.S.A. and some of the world. Be Encouraged! Jesus Loves You!! www.KimFincher.org


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