Waiting on Eternity

Do you ever find yourself thinking: "If only Jesus would come today." I know I have more than once. When life get's us down we often think about hiding and running away. It's a way to preserve our sanity and a way to escape our present situations. One day Jesus will return and for all eternity we will be in His presence! Waiting on eternity feels like an eternity in these bodies filled with sin, selfish-desires, pain, hurt, and pride. It becomes a heavy load if we are not careful to keep a balanced day. I try not to over do it and the best way for me is to just focus on one small task at a time, making a list, and with plenty of wiggle room for play and relaxation with my two boys who are both under 4. Life can be loved and lived with eternity in mind and that's the best thing we have to look forward to. Praise God! For all eternity is not today, but today is all we have to worry about and enjoy, thank God!  Be encouraged today my friends! Jesus loves you!!
Suggested Reading: Matthew 5:3-12


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