A Better High

I'm Drunk & I'm high, but I'm not going to die from it
The Spirit of God keeps me sustained, with something much stronger
than the pain caused by drinking and drugs
I've got the high that can not die from praising the Lord
I've got the drink that is living water, that gives eternal life
and not death of the liver or heart from years of pain suppressed behind the drink & the drugs.

This is choice grade, 100% Pure, all-natural high. Once you've tried some of this
you want touch that second hand stuff again. He is the breath of life, living water,
love, joy, peace, forgiver. Freedom is found in Him and without the consequences of a life 
living in sin. You can't find this in a club, bar, or party this is found by asking Him in your heart
and receiving His greatest gift ever offered: eternal life for your soul.

Don't die for a high or a drink today, which ends in dependence and eternal sin and death of your soul.
Give Jesus Christ a try and you want regret and you will never look back again. He gives freedom from your pain, a better path and plan for your life, a healed heart, brokenness taken away, burdens lifted from your shoulders and placed on His, He is the Son of God, Son of Man, Saviour, Creator, and Father God.
I'm praising Him today for my new life, my family, my home, and my freedom. Thank you Lord!

"I pray for all those in prison today that they may find life everlasting for their souls and all those who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior around the World. Join me in this prayer." Amen.


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