Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration: (from my tuesday womans bible study group study) I used the NLT Study Bible and commentary for this study.
Sometimes we may go through a period where we:
o   sleep in all day because you can?
o   loose an interest in life?
o   struggle with depression and feeling alone?
o   frequently ask ourselves what am I going to do today?
Some reasons may be: the children have left the nest or have started school
It’s important not to give into these struggles and to keep our eye on Chist each day. Let’s open to Phil. 4:4 Read scripture & Comm. “Always be full of joy”

Eph. 5:15-20/ comm. Vs. 18- the Holy Spirit, 19-20 singing & making music
We should be filled with the Living Water of Christ the Holy Spirit and not alcohol drinks or any other sins.
John 4:10-Living Water comm.

Philippians 4:8 Do our thoughts and struggles match up to this scripture? Here are some ways to activate the Living Water of God each day in our lives.

1. Thank God: as soon as we wake up; even before we get out of our bed.
2. Worship God: by get on your knees and proclaiming “I am your servant, I choose to serve you Lord, you are my God, my Savior and not the world.”
3. Seek God: Ask God what are your plans for me today? Wait and listen. Write down what He says. Ask Him for some direction from the Word. Read, take time to meditate on that Word, maybe write a verse down and have it where you can see it throughout the day to keep you grounded and on track. A great book to read on this is A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George which we are studying this Saturday & I’ll tell you more after we finish here.
4. Take Notes: Keep a prayer journal and pray for the needs of others and for your own needs. Accept God’s answer to your prayers and praise Him in advance for answering your prayers.
5. Believe and Reflect: Have a time of praise and worship each day. Make up a new song unto the Lord do it with instruments if you know how to play one. This will give you the same refreshment as soaking in a bath or taking a shower. I actually do this in the shower and then just around the house and sometimes with my boys and my husband. He plays the guitar.

Let’s take another look at Philippians 4:8. “Fix your thoughts on what is:

True: loyal, honest, just, legitimate, right
Honorable: characteristics of integrity, upright
Right: correct or moral behavior, a just claim of something
Pure: free of contamination, or impurities, clean, guiltless, and faultless
Lovely: beautiful
Admirable: excellent, good, worthy, marvelous
Excellent: very good of its kind, superior
Praise worthy: applaudable, commendable, fine, excellent, honorable

Reference verses from the Concordance:
True- Psalm 119:142, 151, Isaiah 45:19, Jeremiah 26:15, 28:9, Luke 18:31, John 4:23, 6:55, 17:3, Romans 15:8, Ephesians 5:9, Philippians 4:1, 1 John 2:8, 1 John 5:20, Revelation 19:9, 22:6
Honorable-  Romans 12:7, 2 Corinthians 8:21, 1 Peter 2:12
Right- Psalm 25:9, Psalm 34:15, Matthew 5:10, John 1:12, Romans 9:21, 1 Cor. 9:4, 1 Peter 3:12
Pure- Matthew 5:8, 1 Cor. 1:30, 1 Timothy 5:22, Titus 2:5, James 1:27, 1 John 3:3
Lovely- Proverbs 11:22, Eccl. 3:11, Romans 10:15
1.      Look at words from another translation if you can’t find. NKJV
Admirable- good report- Prov. 13:22, 15:30, 17:22
2.      look up in a separate reference book
Excellent- virtue (of worth). Power/strength.
3.      Look up words broken down.

Praiseworthy-  Praise: Ps.92:1, Worth: 1Pet. 1:7, 3:4


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