Self-control, anger, depression

Sins of the flesh must be surrendered to Christ. Weak in the flesh, tired from sinning; I cry out to Jesus asking Him to take over. “I surrender God! I am useless without you. I need you more than I need to have control, anger and depression. I want more of you than of me, so I must step aside and let you live more in me. Help me to overcome, surrender, and to see how you plan for me to live in victory. I’ve got to wash this sin away one more day, one more hour, I’ve got to let it go and give into your presence if I ever want to live a life worth eternity. So, I’m giving it all to you once again, I’m giving into you, in hope to be free, to be free of me.”

What sins are you dealing with? Which ones way you down like heavy chains? These are strongholds that must be dealt with head on. They will not leave easily when you’ve been carrying them around for so long. Prayer, discipline, and fasting will help and determination to live for Christ and die to self-daily. You can do it as I know that I can too. With Jesus each day, keeping our eyes on Him and the eternal prize we can live in victory! Amen

About the Author:
I am a stay-at-home Mom of two boys, David: 2 and J.J.: 31/2, and a wife married for 4 years to a wonderful husband: Joseph. I’ve been writing to prisoners since May 2009 after spending 27 months in prison and finding Jesus Christ and I’ve been serving Him ever since. March 23 is my 5 year anniversary of release from prison. I love to receive your letters and will try my best to write each of you back.


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