Filled with the Holy Spirit

Isn't the Word of God amazing! I just love it, love it more than anything really!! I was reading Acts 1-2 today how wonderful the early church was everyone having The Lords Super together and sharing with one another in all they had, experiencing the Holy Spirit for the first time. All because of Jesus Christ! 

have we forgotten the reason why? has life overtaken our faith? never forsake the assembly of the saints in fellowship, prayer, and daily bible reading it's the reason and the Word is like our high-vitamin nutrition without it we are walking around malnourished and cannot be a light in the world and we ourselves are too needy to help anyone. Get fueled up daily so your cup overflows into your neighbors life and you plant a little seed of hope, encouragement, love and that's all Jesus asks us to do. Be a light, spread the Good News that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life; their's no other way to the Father God accept through Him. amen


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