What is Good:

As a Prison Minister, Mom, and ex-felon I know what it's like to be judged and to talk to those who are judged by their bad mistakes by those who call themselves a good person, because they've never been to jail or prison. But, what are their standards for claiming: "I'm a good person?" Also, as a Mom we have certain standards of judgement that we place on others that may be around our kids or watching them or even friends or other moms.

Judging What is Good: What are your moral values and standards you are living by?

for me it's been 5 years and 2 months since I was a TDCJ offender. I served another 6 months on parole, for a total of 3 years on paper for 2 felonies: arson and burglary. Why? i became addicted to marijuana, got some laced with another drug, became homeless, and bitter at an ex boyfriend. One poor decision leading to another. and just this month I'm paying off my last fine for a ticket on my record for driving with no insurance- Praise the Lord!

To the majority public standards if you have any history of criminal record especially felonies well you are deemed as dirt and scum not worth anything. This in my view is a very ignorant evaluation and standard set on people with a history of poor choices or criminal behaviors and activity. By people who most are not good and may even be good at being bad and immoral with no righteous values.

I believe  this majority standard will fail because of the God of the Universe works in Supernatural and mysterious ways turning darkness into light, cold hearts into compassionate souls. God can and does change us from the inside out making us once convicted felons who have been saved into new creations in Christ Jesus! He will give you a new hope, new purpose, new desires, and new thoughts if you allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life and will convict you of sinful choices where you want be able to stand your own sins.  If you don't believe in the super-natural, spiritual power of God then you are missing out. Once you've experience salvation you want ever be the same if you choose to surrender your life to God and let Him transform your life for His purpose.

As a mom of two toddlers I can confidently say that we are not born good, in fact they want to do what I've said for them not to do and go where it's off-limits. We have to learn good and moral behaviors. Daily praying and reading in the Holy Bible helps us know what's good and what's not. The word is filled with lessons in what's right and wrong living

We will study more on this soon.

Have a blessed day!


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