Disciples of Christ

"Dear friends, since God loves us that much, we surely ought to love each other." 1 John 4:11 

The kind of love Pauls referring to is the one where God sent his son Jesus to take away our sins. This really makes me cringe at my own selfish sins and anger issues. My children teach me just how much I have to learn on a daily basis. They push every button and God says love them more and He's shown me how my anger comes from my desires which are selfish and a sin. 

When I recognize the sin I am to confess it before God, repent, and depend on the Lord to help me rid that sin from my heart and from my life. This is a dirty process and very hard but I know that it's an important one if I want to continue growing in the fullness and likeness of Christ and I do and so I will. I know we all sin but we must take responsibility and work towards sinning no more. If we want to be a good example to others this is the way we do it. We all have something to learn and improve on in our lives we should never stop being disciples of Christ.


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