Embrace Your Gifts to Serve the Lord

The Lord has rekindle that fire in me to write for Him. He's shown me how what I write is important and helps many people that I may never know or meet but I must keep writing and believing in the annointance God has poured onto me for His glory and service.

So, I'm excited to pick back up a project that I started last year my 3rd book: Words of Encouragement Daily Devotional. On this note I just want to encourage anyone reading this to not allow discouragement, disappointment, and distractions to stop you from picking up the pieces and moving forward in life. Don't allow your past failures to determine your futures success. Let the past go and hold onto the hope and promises in the Word of God for your life today and tomorrow. 

Remember: Matthew 6:25-33  

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Books Available by Kimberly Fincher

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Following God
Freedom Behind Bars

Please purchase your paperback from me to help support our ministry sending Words of Encouragement to woman in prison all the way to Hong Kong.

$20 donation- both books

$10 donation-one book of choice

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