Easy Pumpkin Soup Recipe

1. Cut pumpkin in 1/2 and clean out seeds,
Bake in oven for 2 hours on 400

2. Remove peel and cut into cubed pieces
add cooked potatos (i cooked in crockpot),
and any other vegies you
have in can or fresh on hand

3. Cook 1lb of ground beef or turkey
add fresh brocolli or other vegies to cook
and seasoned tomato sauce, seasoned salt, pepper, and chile powder

4. mix ingredients into big pot add 2 cups of water,
2 more cans of seasoned tomato sauce,
i added green beans, corn, black beans, and 2 cups of rice
all ingredients i had in the pantry. Let simmer for 20 minutes
Serve cooled off with loaf bread, crackers, or corn bread

David enjoying his soup
 JJ enjoying his soup
Enjoy! you can freeze some for later!


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