How do we Face Fear?

W.O.E.: we all have fears but remember this: the devil is a liar, our God is bigger than this, remember and carry His word and His truth in your Heart not what's on the headline news to bring fear into you. do not live in fear and trembling of what's happening in the world, but that you didn't know Him, carry His peace that surpasses all understanding in your heart, mind, and spirit and when you Have His Word stamped on your heart their's no fear that can overcome your faith in Christ who has already defeated the enemy, the prince of darkness and ruler of this world, the Prince of Peace has won and so let's live in victory instead awaiting His return with works of faith and acts of belief we shouldn't be affirming the fears that the world carries we are to take the yoke of Jesus and allow His promise to fill our hearts instead, give Him your fears, your burdens, your worries and wear His love and comfort and peace instead. amen!


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