Sensible Living-Daily Menu Plan

Sensible Living-Daily Menu Plan

this is what I planned for today for my two toddler boys you can use it for any day

Breakfast: brown-sugar old fashioned oatmeal with raisins, chocolate chip waffles, Aldi's pumpkin spice syrup to save money you can make your waffles with a waffle iron i used frozen ones.

Snack: grapes and apple slices with peanut butter

Lunch: crackers with cheese and meat slices, broccoli & ranch

Snack: p.b. & jelly sandwich/ cereal

Dinner: Crockpot ribs shredded on 12 grain sandwich bread with mayo and cheese
Spinach salad with croutons and tomatoes and ranch dressing

Snack: p.b. crackers


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