Saving Money on Grocery Shopping

This week when I spent our grocery money and made the post of meal planning from
what we already had and came out with 11 meals I thought maybe someone is struggling with finding great deals and making their money stretch to have enough food that would last for 2 or 3 weeks if needed. I couldn't always do this. But the Lord showed me how. It's a simple principle He taught me on giving and buying. If you have 3 then you have 1 for now, 1 for later and 1 to give. Before we would give away more than we could spare and end up in need, lol. But we have learned.

So, our food budget is $60 a week for a family of 2 adults and 2 toddlers this is in TX. I also purchase all of our household items with this budget so considering everything we need to buy for our home a month I usually spend over even up to $150 about once a month for an average of $80 a week. We use to receive $400 a month in food-stamps and the Lord showed me how to rely on Him instead of the governments money and He has always provided more than enough always to meet our needs and for us to help others in need and so I can be a stay at home mom with my two toddler boys.

For my weekly food budget I make a list as we run out of things on a paper on the fridge and then I add items that are on sale and create my meal plan from this plus what we already have. Sometimes I ask my husband to shop for me if I'm feeling weak because I know that he will just buy what's on the list and save us money, he's great at that as I always buy more than what's on the list and struggle with not overspending. The best way for me to not overspend is 2 part: 1. keep track of each item going into the buggy and add up total. 2. take the exact amount in cash and leave c.c. in car. This way I'm forced to put things back and i've had to do this many times to stay within our budget.

My favorite way to save money is buying off-brands such as at Walmart, HEB or Aldi's and then buying 3 or 4 when they are on clearance which is how I love to stock up on snacks. Recently I found 12 grain bread for .25c a loaf at Aldi's. I bought 8 loaves and stored in our deep-freezer which I highly recommend buying one to help you store your great deals. I buy our meat for .79clb Chicken fryers or whole chickens, drumsticks even at Super-1 usually they come in 4lb bags and will make a weeks worth of meals. I love to cook them defrosted in the crockpot-so easy it cooks while I'm asleep and you wake up to a nice aroma of cooked meat. love it!

I do not use coupons I did try the clipping coupon method and it wasted a lot of my time and it tends to become an addiction and an obsession to me it's sinful when you are dreaming about it at night because you spent so much time of your day trying to match sales with coupons. It's not how I want to spend my day, lol. I like fast and simple methods that are consistent and you can rely on time and time again. That's why I know all my prices in my head for most items I purchase so I can easily compare prices and find a good deal that I want to buy an extra and then the great deal that I want to stock up on or buy alot of. It's important to keep your budget so your not overspending but when you want to stock up it's good to do this too when the items are something you eat regularly and are way below regular price and would be considered clearance priced.

I hope these post will help you as I share with you:

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