Aldi's Price List with NEW! Savings Comparison

Here's the start of my Aldi's Product Prices with Pictures Database these are the prices here in Corsicana, TX you'res might be different depending on your location, I will add more each time I go shopping I will also be doing this for HEB and WMart to help us all compare products, qty, ounces, and prices to get the very best prices and deal on products we buy!  items not pictured:

NEW! SAVINGS COMPARISON: (these are a few items that you can get for cheaper at Aldi's, i will not that many items you can get for the same price at HEB and even cheaper to be fair I do still love HEB and will post similar comparisons for savings at HEB in the future and for those who shop at Walmart).

Aldi's: Milk 1 gallon $1.49, Large 1 dozen eggs .79c, split-top mixed Wheat Bread-.99c Total: $3.27
HEB: $2.49 milk, $1.89 dozen eggs,  split-top mixed wheat bread-$1.39 Total: $5.77
Savings at Aldi's: $2.50 or 43%

Shredded cheddar cheese 16 oz. $3.69, 8 oz shredded:
 American singles real cheese slices- $2.29,
shredded wheats cereal, honey wheat puffs, and peanut butter cereals $1.99 13-16oz boxes
pretzel rings-$1.49, bbq potato chips-$1.49, party peanuts- $2.39

frozen 100% apple juice $1.09, frozen orange juice $1.29, ice cream 48oz $2.49
100% apple juice- $1.39, 100% Grape Juice bottle- $2.69 64floz
(100% Apple juice $3.78 128 floz HEB)

2 ply facial tissue $1.19 (same at heb store brand), 50 ct plastic party cups $2.49 (cheaper at heb by .20c), black trash bags- $4.99 (80qty), toilet paper- $6.99 18dbl rolls

sweet peas .33, green beans .33c, mushrooms $1.59, pb cheese crackers-.89c

Gala Apples 3/lbs $1.59, Baking Potatos 5lbs- $1.79, frozen pizzas $1.99 28oz

brown sugar- 99c, cookie mix- $1.59, hot cocoa $1.29, jiffy corn muffins-.47c, cheese melt cube/square-$4.49,  Kosher baby dill pickles- $1.29

 , yogurt-$1.69 (same at HEB), ), clubhouse crackers- $1.45, Strawberry Preserves- $1.89, Peanut butter- $1.69 (.20c cheaper at HEB)
 pitted cherries can- $1.79, , Garlic summer sausage $3.49, , multipack snack sausage sticks $3.49, , , sparkling cider/grape juice- $2.49, , b, holiday candle $2.99, hook assortment- $6.99, juice pouches $1.75, duck tape- $2.79, . ,  frozen meals-lasagna $2.69 family size, Chicken patties meal $2.48, chicken rice can soup- $1.19,  , Navel Oranges 4lbs-$1.89,, , Sliced Bacon- $3.69, PB Cheese crackers pack of 6-.89c, Graham crackers box- $1.49,  Cheddar Brats- $2.49, salad dressing powder- .49c, canned dog food-.55c, juic pouches box- $1.75, baking soda- .49c

Just updated: 12/10/14



cranberries $1.29, tuna .65c

yams, collard greens $1.50, beans .99c






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morning assortment coffee $4-$5,
creamer (wmart), and sweetener $1.69



$1.49-2.69 plates






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