Why I don't shop at Aldi's-new update! Heb 4life!

Update: I decided after a few trial runs to go back to shopping at HEB my first love after having some uncomfortable interactions with the cashiers at Aldi, I still needed to go to HEB as Aldi's didnt carry everything I buy on a regular basis, their prices went up on eggs, in comparison to me HEB is more of a home feeling, the cashiers are mostly professional and friendly, and I love that I can see how much I saved on my receipt and they offer extra savings on top of their heb brand products with in store and digital coupons so I just had to let you know this very important update.

I thought I'd share with you why I shop at Aldi's to help you decide if it's a good fit for you. I live in a small town Corsicana, TX and we didn't have an Aldi until a few months ago. Before I started shopping at Aldi's I was a major shopper of HEB which is a Texas only store. If we didn't have Aldi I would go back to HEB but these are the reasons I prefer Aldi:

1. It's alot smaller and quieter
2. No more comparing brands -they have one store brand but still plenty of selections
3. Their lower prices on most: dairy, and produce and comparable on everything else i'd normally buy at HEB
4. When I have to take my boys i like that their shopping carts are 2 seaters
5. You can get in and out in a hurry.
6. It's simpler, easier, and faster to shop at which equals less stress and their prices stay the same no changing or surprises
7. They have great clearances I've bought .25c bread, .50c milk and more.
8. Their every day prices on milk and eggs is $1 cheaper than other stores in town. $1.49 milk .89c dozen eggs.

So, this is why I shop at Aldi's for the majority of my shopping and what I can't buy here such as a box of diapers i get at walmart for $20-105 Parent's choice. I will let my husband choose where to go for the rest and he's such a great shopper too. He will usually go wherever depending on what we still need either HEB or WMart.

I'm thinking of taking a picture inventory of everything i buy at Aldi's and posting so to help me and others listing the prices and maybe a post on what I can't get at Aldi's also.


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