Turning Your House into a Home-living room makeover

If you are like me you don't have the time to redo your furniture and you don't have the money to buy new furniture. Here's what I did for quick and simple and very cheap furniture covers.

i repurposed a large mens shirt and a pillow cover for the stained chair.
and for my brand new fabric  red couch i wanted to prevent stains and used a xl black lace skirt and two pillow cases.

Here's another solution and better one for the red couch. we really needed to replace our years of being peed and spilled on fabric cloth couch i didn't want to get another black leather futon which i payed $200 for so i bought this red futon with a fabric covering for $90. Here's my better solution for covering it. In the pic below I'm using 2 zebra Eclipse curtains for $9 each and they can be easily thrown in the washer when needing cleaned and they have a water proof type backing in case spills happen and they will it will protect the fabric couch until my boys are older. Now i'm going to redo my other couch and will post on that one when it's done!

I also am washing the matching red curtain and will replace the mismatch blue one, lol! I love it!!

Now to wait for the new rug and i need to wash the table. i would paint the wall but we're just renting.


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