I Need More...Self-Control

Yes, I need more Self-Control
How do I aim higher and gain more self-control? I am lacking especially these last few months.
We pay off our debt and credit cards and I go spending and rack it back up again. It's frustrating
and humbling to admit that I need more self-control. I am praying as I confront this issue and do what I can to address this problem head on that the Lord will give me His help in producing this fruit of the spirit: self-control. Galatians 5:22
I am by nature a problem-solver. I don't like to just have or state a problem I like to give a solution to 
the problem. The problem: over spending Solution: 30 days no spending fast to start, I gave my cards to my husband and let him know I am not to spend and to be accountable to him. This is humiliating and hard but I need his help so we can keep moving forward and not backwards. We need to keep increasing our credit score not lowering it with more debt. I've got to break free from this addiction of shopping online. I might have to take it a notch up and do 30 days no internet for the next step until it all gets paid back. We chose not to use government assistance, to help others when we have extra, and to get our hospital bills paid off instead of having another child so this has just got to happen.
We want to buy an RV and spend time with our children travelling and doing missionary work. I've got to give up this terrible habit: NOW! 
I firmly stand on the Word of God and my Father God's promises and will not be defeated by this fleshly desire you see I know that I'm more than an overcomer with Christ Jesus who is my strength and I can do all things through Christ. Philippians 4:13
Credit can be used if doing with restraint, within ones budget and to take advantage of cash back rewards, travel points, and increase in your credit score to buy a house. It has it's place and it's benefits but it can be dangerous if used wrongly like I've been doing.
I am flawed and make mistakes. I have learned a lot about money and finances since I've been a wife and a mom but God's not done with me I still have lessons to learn along this journey. I will learn them you see I'm a fighter, and very stubborn, LOL! 
I will keep learning to live better and make the best choices not the worst for my family and do it by faith and by my actions. It's hard work to push forward but so necessary and so worth it not to settle
for just living but to live the very best. When we fail it's not the end it's only a stumbling block it's not as important as what we do when we fall down do we wallow in our loss or do we get up, dust off and take a step forward. You can't be afraid to fail or you will never enjoy living.
I am praying for my success and getting out of debt and hope that you will pray for me too.
Thanks for reading and letting me share with you. 
Have a blessed and Happy New Year 2015!


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