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12 Money Saving Tips for 2015

One month has already flew by in this new year 2015. How are you doing in your goals and new year's resolutions.  I wanted to help you out by sharing a few of my favorite tips for
saving money on food, cleaning, and lifestyle spending goals:

1. if your money equals your time then stop clipping coupons. here's my solution for saving money without clipping coupons. saving money on groceries

2. use simple, old fashion, homemade cleaning solutions my top 3 favorite cleaners are vinegar, baking soda, and bleach these can be used alone and diluted in water for practically every cleaning need. and this one has saved me alot of money how to make homemade laundry soap this includes a tutorial and a video

3. a clean & sanitized home will save you money from dr visits and medicine. i recommend the use of a spray sanitizer or sanitizing wipes once a week on your whole house and more often on daily use areas such as bathroom, kitchen sink, phones, tv and video games, and kitchen table …

A Broken Mirror

A personal letter to my dear Mama Sheri gives a perfect example of#BeinglikeaBrokenMirror Dearest Momma, Ours is a special & unique bond one that could only be developed by truth & love  I did hold hurt against you & also fear that my relationship with you mostly a fond memory from the past would turn into another disappointment & unpleasant memory. you see I'm like a #brokenmirror the view is somewhat blurry and distorted from the jagged edges and sharp broken pieces of glass, the difference is my brokeness is fixed by #Jesuslove and held together by the #HolySpirit and by our #FatherGods amazing gift for even me.
The pain that comes from a broken & bruised heart can be fixed by our heavenly Father's love.  Dear Lord, I pray tonight that your love will cover all of my wounds and heal every hurt so I can step forward and not fear more hurt & more pain but be a loving hand to someone else who needs to hear my story of salvation. In Jesus' name. amen