A Broken Mirror

A personal letter to my dear Mama Sheri gives a perfect example of#BeinglikeaBrokenMirror 
Dearest Momma, Ours is a special & unique bond one that could only be developed by truth & love 
I did hold hurt against you & also fear that my relationship with you mostly a fond memory from the past would turn into another disappointment & unpleasant memory. you see I'm like a #brokenmirror the view is somewhat blurry and distorted from the jagged edges and sharp broken pieces of glass, the difference is my brokeness is fixed by #Jesuslove and held together by the #HolySpirit and by our #FatherGods amazing gift for even me.
The pain that comes from a broken & bruised heart can be fixed by our heavenly Father's love. 
Dear Lord, I pray tonight that your love will cover all of my wounds and heal every hurt so I can step forward and not fear more hurt & more pain but be a loving hand to someone else who needs to hear my story of salvation. In Jesus' name. amen


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