12 Money Saving Tips for 2015

One month has already flew by in this new year 2015. How are you doing in your goals and new year's resolutions.  I wanted to help you out by sharing a few of my favorite tips for
saving money on food, cleaning, and lifestyle spending goals:

1. if your money equals your time then stop clipping coupons. here's my solution for saving money without clipping coupons. saving money on groceries

2. use simple, old fashion, homemade cleaning solutions my top 3 favorite cleaners are vinegar, baking soda, and bleach these can be used alone and diluted in water for practically every cleaning need. and this one has saved me alot of money how to make homemade laundry soap this includes a tutorial and a video

3. a clean & sanitized home will save you money from dr visits and medicine. i recommend the use of a spray sanitizer or sanitizing wipes once a week on your whole house and more often on daily use areas such as bathroom, kitchen sink, phones, tv and video games, and kitchen table and childrens play areas, and the front door. this also just gives me some peace of mind that i'm doing what i can to help everyone to stay germ free and healthy. also hand sanitizer is a must. each time you go to the bathroom and your children make sure they are learning early about germs and using hand sanitizer and hand soap. also make sure everyone in your household is taking a daily multivitamin. i stock up once a year by shopping in store deals and sales at cvs and heb they have their vitamins on sale a few times a year or even more and you can just stock up for $3-$4 a bottle. you may only need one bottle if you find one that has 365 tablets which was the case for my husbands vitamins and my children use the gummy vitamins i've bought the big bottles for $5.

4. Go on a no spending day, week, even month or year. during this time you will only buy what you absolutely need. and use what you have. i try and do this once a week to extend the time in between my shopping trips and my favorite meals come from what i have in my handy dandy crock-pot. i just made a delicious deer meat stew using this technique just throwing a few things i have together in my crock pot, you can also use your favorite cooking method and making a casserole and if you have left overs you can put in a pan and freeze or freezer bags. for support you can join a group on facebook. here's one that i've joined: buy nothing new for 1 year

5. make a list, check it twice create a shopping list and a menu plan based on needs and sales, make double and freeze half to save time and money on waste, use your crockpot for easy and fast meals. make homemade to save even more money.  here's a group i love on fb: frugal families living well on a budget you will get lots of great ideas and can interact with their over 9k members on saving money

6. asses what you own and declutter this is also part of minimalist living and you can shop in your own home and closet just by keeping a clean and organized home you can save alot of money. and since support is so important heres a great group for that on fb im a member of: nourishing minimalism yearly decluttering challenge

7. Saving money before doing this i could never save money we simply have money autodrafted from our checking account to our savings account each pay perioud and that amount can easily be changed. heres something that is popular to save money also: 365-day-savings-challenge-and-a-free-printable/
Capital one 365 is a popular way to save you can set up several accounts to designate money to, i'm considering adding this for individual savings allocation this year like vacation, car repairs, medical bills, school supplies, clothes.

8. Buy, Sale, Trade fb groups can save you money on buying many items that are used and you can make money buy selling your stuff as you're decluttering and saving for that  summer vacation.

9. Shopping on ebay and amazon and walmart.com online shopping can save you money and time if you don't have a shopping addiction like I do and run up a high interest credit card.

10. Do get a 0% interest credit card to transfer your high interest one onto and not pay interest for 15 months like I did through Chase-just stay away from paypal n capital one or more sensibly don't spend more than 1/2 of your total credit or you will pay in that interest when paying back. A low interest credit card with rewards such as cash back or travel miles can be useful if you know how to control your spending and can pay the balance off every month or two. I'm still learning to do this.

11. Buy a house even a small one in a great neighborhood can equal equity which can turn into a down payment on a bigger home in 5-7 years after you've saved up. We're in the process of doing this after renting the last 5 years we totaled our rent to $40k that's 1/2 of a small home in our Corsicana, TX town. Thank goodness we are still young!

12. Always take time out of your craziness to help someone who can't pay you back especially elderly grandparents who are sick they need our love more than ever stop and appreciate them before it's too late.

Here's a recap of ways to save money from a previous post I wrote.


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