Budget-Shopping Meal Plan

Budget-Shopping Meal Plan-

Our grocery shopping budget was $100 for one week of meals. I made a list of meals I plan on making and a shopping list of ingredients needed with an estimate price for each item to get an estimate for our shopping list to make sure it doesn't go over our weekly food budget of $100. I had to edit my food list for the week a couple of times and this is what the finished list was: 

Meal plan-10 Meals for Lunch & Dinner:

Pasta Salad x2 meals
hotdogs x2 meals
chicken soup, bbq x2 meals
homemade pizza- sun lunch/mon left overs x2
meatloaf x1
hamburgers x1

Breakfast/snacks/desserts 7 meals:

muffins & cereal x2
pancakes & bacon x1
sweet bread & fruit x1-2
breakfast tacos (eggs, potatos, vegies on tortilla) x1
scrambled eggs, sausage, gravy & homemade toast x1
oatmeal & fruit w/yogurt x1-2
homemade cookies-dessert
homemade wholewheat bread- for sandwiches/toast

My Grocery Shopping List for HEB could also be found at WMart or Aldi's:
to make sure i was on track i had my list and calculator handy and said a little prayer.

Maruchan Ramen noodles- $3.97     3 cans italian tomato sauce- $1    HB Coffee- $6.68
Dog Food- $7.98                               Bananas- $1.42                             Hot dogs- $1.50
drink packs- $1.98                             5lbs Flour- $1.68                          5lbs whole wheat flour- $1.43
Shredded Cheese- $1.77                    Shredded Cheese- $1.77              Apple Cider Vinegar- .68
Sliced Bacon- $2.98                           American sliced cheese- $1.67    Peanut Butter- $1.49
Cantaloupe- .87                               Beef Skillet Mix 3lbs- $5.27          Choc. Chips- $1.59
Break. Sausage- $1.99                 Corn Tortillas- $1.18                     2-Mac & Cheese- .70
2-Kraft BBQ Sauce- $1.38          Squash- .57c                                  Broccoli- .62c
zucchini- $1.27                            pork & beans 2/ $1                     Raisins- $2.98
Wheat Crackers- $1.98                Grain Penne- .98                        Yogurt- $1.69
Garden Rotini- $1                       Brown Sugar- $1.38                   Thin wheat crackers- $1.25
Plastic spoons- $1                       2-suckers- $1                             Boneless chicken thighs- $5.22
Honey Oat cereal $2.98               honey toasted O's 2/ $1.38        pecan pieces- $2.99
Peas 2/98c                                   green beans 2/ .$1.32                corn 2/ 98
drink packets $2                         tub butter- $2                           breadcrumbs- .75c
ranch style beans 2/ $1.18         18qty eggs- $5.28                   mayo- $1.45

Total Sale: $97.23  items purchased: 60    total savings from brand, sale n in store coupons: $18.72

I couldn't have succeeded on this weeks shopping trip without the help of my best friend and husband! 


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