Shopping Online Addiction

Do you think of shopping online when ur not and do it everyday or several times a week? You like me are probably addicted to online shopping. Have you attempted to handle the problem by cutting up the credit cards more than one time but then end up reapplying for more credit cards and rationalize, "this one is 0% interest and has cash back rewards, ill get payed to use them" Yep and that ended me up in more and more debt. 
The Word of God says, "the borrower is slave to the lender" Proverbs 22:7
How do you free yourself from slavery to credit cards and debt and the desire to buy more, have more, shop more, more, More, MORE.....!!!

I've tried doing it on my own. But, now it's time to surrender that part of my life to God. The worlds financial advisors say never cancel a credit card it will lower your credit score and chance to get more credit, it will also decrease your over all available credit and increase your debt to credit ratio
but I know as long as I have those credit cards open I can access them and I don't want to be tempted to request a new card or to use my card by simply entering the info i have written down. To beat this addiction i've got to completely destroy it's tracks not only cut up the cards, pay off the debt, but cancel the cards as well.

I am tired of fighting this addiction! I want to be free from it, free to not want more, not need more, not have more debt, that will take an inner change of my desires and a surrender to God,
it's not something I can handle or do on my own it takes a supernatural power of Christ,
an inner transformation by the Holy Spirit to put my hearts desires on the Cross. Romans 12:2

I am going to do this today and pray that this will challenge or speak to someone out there.
Blessings in Christ,

Kim Fincher


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