Gracefilled Living

As I read all the latest trends n movements that are very popular n being talked about, blogged about, n videos being made about on YouTube I decide to not prescribe nor follow any but that which my bible teaches me to be filled with His grace n that's enough." I choose to take the road less traveled by n that has made all the difference."

So don't be discouraged if you own more than 33 summer items of clothing known as a capsule wardrobe, follow Christ instead n be free from rigged rules to follow in the name of simplicity.

Don't despair or feel like a failure if you don't follow the Dave Ramsey way to financial freedom abide in the Lord's way instead let Him be ur ultimate teacher, guide n His Word be your instruction manual.

Do you like to enjoy your food n buy some snacks? Me too! We increased are weekly budget for food n household items from $80 to $200. It's ok if u have a little debt, n u eat fast food every once in awhile and ur not perfect!

I love God's Plan it requires lots of love, Faith, and He gives us unlimited forgiveness, patience, and free, no fee Grace. I'm praying for God's plans, for me n you n the Joy to enjoy all that we have!


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