We Overspent Our Budget this week!-are you staying on track?

Goal: $80
Spent: $138

I have pics of the receipts their's 3 but they wouldn't load from my kindle maybe later.
Yes, we didn't do very good this week. It all started when I asked my husband to pick up a few things at the store after work all the heavier items so I wouldn't have to lift n carry them.
This was his list which I sent to him via fb pm: Dogfood- $10, catfood- $8, 12 pck sodas $2.25, chips free w/coupon, charcoals- $8 free w/sausage purchase n instore coupon, 12 pck waters this is how I sent it to him and at the top was $70
So he calls me n says yep i did good spent under $70 and I freak out, what! u did what! it shouldn't have been more than $30?!.... I tend to quickly loose it and blow up pretty fast, must be the irish in me, lol. So later i asked him for the receipt n quickly seen where it all went down hill, for starters he didn't look at the prices i put on the picture n 2nd he didn't add up everything or pay attention to the prices of the items he put into the cart. he thought the $70 was the total for him but it was the total of everything i had on my list, minus his items which shouldn't have been more than $30. oops!!
I finally consoled him knowing how many timed i've overspent and went on therapeutic shopping sprees so I forgave him and quickly cut our main shopping list to match what he'd spent leaving us $25 to not go over the $80 budget goal.
on Sunday I decided to do our grocery shopping while he was at the churches monthly conference. I had just that morning started getting allergy symptoms and as I was shopping I wasn't feeling too well n decided to just get everything without using my calculator to add up the cost. This cost us an extra $50 over for a total of $82. It doesn't take much to add up that's why I know how important taking those few steps to stay on track are: add up as you put in and stop shopping when you reach ur budget. Oh! so yeah, we overspent this week by $58. thankfully we had a little cushion in our checking account.
I wanted to share this with you so you know we aren't perfect people and do screw up big time just like we all do and here it is folks, ill try to post pics later today.
Hope yall do better than we did this week in staying on track.
I'd love to hear from you. I dont know how so many bloggers have interactive blogs mine gets quiet lonely although i know people are viewing 110 already this morning, I wish I could get you guys to talk to me and leave comments n feedback, lol! maybe one day.
God bless! it's rainy here today, always challenging with toddlers.


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