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Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Menu Plan

This weeks main meals are:

Crockpot Lasagna from lot's of great recipes with membership

Budget Burgers with vegie n rice filler
(just add vegies n rice to ur patties to make more filling n more burgers)

Meatloaf with Kim's special sauce

Meatballs on a bead of rice n vegies

side dishes: homemade coleslaw, tator tots (frozen), chips, can vegies, whole grain rice n steamed vegies with italian dressing

snacks: fruit and yogurt, pnb crackers

these are the main courses and will be eaten for lunch and dinners

in addition we will have good 'ol turkey n cheese w/spinach on whole wheat bread sandwiches

for breakfast we alternate from oatmeal, cereal, and homemade sweet bread or muffins, we also have eggs so i might make some eggs one or 2 days, my fave is breakfast tacos but i didn't buy tortillas n do not like making tortillas so yeah u can buy a pack of white corn tortillas 8-10 for .88c will have to buy next week. I also have breakfast sausage so will make that with eggs n homemade gravy n biscuits both of which my husband makes superbly, Praise the Lord for a man who can cook good!!

Now that he's working days from 3rd shift he actually helps out alot more with cooking, I'm so in love!!

I would love to see what's on your menu for this week and share ur favorite links and recipes too!

Have a blessed week! Now if you'll excuse me I need to get cooking!

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