A College Degree at Home

A College Degree at Home

When I got out of prison (I chose to leave this in because it's a part of my testimony-if you can't stand that I was in prison then don't follow me this post was originally written for those in prison but can be for anyone) I already had applied for a federal pell grant and soon after I was on my way to a college degree in Multimedia technology I dreamed about creating a video game that educated young people on prison life in a way that would impact and inform them to not ever want to live a life that would lead up to prison time. I was very uninformed and so I thought this would be a good thing to do. I even got a job at the college working for a biologist as a teachers assistant. Life seemed perfect.
Sooner than later I realized as I spent more time in class studying the bible and working on newsletters that I wasn't interested in webdesign and computer art and graphics I was an ok artist but some of these young kids were brilliant I barely grasped the subject content yet they seemed to thrive in it. I was bored, dismayed and discouraged. A month into my job and each time I had to do my timecard I struggle on how to calculate a fraction from the time it was and being very prideful in nature I didn't think to just ask the biology teacher for help so she accused me of cheating on my time card and I walked out on the job.
During this time I also made a friend I met at church and AA who I was beginning to really like and praying he maybe the one I'd been praying for a godly man and husband. We read through the book of Daniel and he was definitely different from the guys i'd previously dated who said they were christians but he didn't have to tell me it was in his actions, words and deeds that I seen and I fell in love with this man. We were both new Christians and we did a stupid thing by trusting our flesh to be alone with each other late at night it ended up the results of our very first miracle from God our son Joseph Edsell Jr. born on July 19th, 2010. Before I found out I was pregnant November 14th, 2009. Joseph had asked me to move in with him around september 2009 I really wanted to because we spent all of our time together but I new from past experience as of recent being a new christian we needed to be married first and so October 31st on halloween day he proposed to me and I excitedly accepted and decided that was good enough for me to move in with him.
I continued college until I was about a 6 months pregnant and couldn't do it any longer the pain of being so swollen, the nauseau and constant bathroom breaks became too much for me to keep up with the college work. God definitely changed the desires of my heart you see because I never wanted to be a mom before I was a christian. He changed my heart from the inside out. If you ever have a chance to look at my before and after pictures you will know what I'm talking about I might even publish them so you can see what I mean. After J.J. Was born we decided to have another child as soon as he started walking and David Jackson Fincher was born April 2nd, 2012.
I was convinced I was still suppose to go to college and decided to go back for business management when David was still using a bottle. We tried having a sitter but she dropped David in front of me so yeah that didn't work out and then we enrolled them in a day care center but I noticed a difference in David's expressions or lack of and he seemed very distant I prayed for God's plans and hand over these plans but felt restless. Although I loved the time at the college free from children I couldn't help thinking is this the right choice for me and for them. Joseph also started college to get his GED so we were both at the college. One day as I dropped off David I felt so unsettled with the teacher as she didn't even acknowledge me being there her face was blank kind of like how David's had been lately and I went and talked to the school director of this behavior by the lady she actually accused me of being the problem and after a very stressful time I couldn't do it this facilities treatment torwards us and her rude behaviour I knew my precious David would suffer being in her care and I knew I needed to stay home with the boys at this point. Maybe a year later I even tried taking classes at home and again it just didn't work as I couldn't keep up with the work load and demand. 

During my 5 years as a wife, mom, and stay at home manager of our house I can honestly say what I have learned surpasses a college degree in knowledge and life skill applications. I don't regret it or desire being in college anymore instead i've come to desire what the Lord's plans are for me as I know Father knows best.
I haven't lost my thirst for knowledge and continue to learn in the fields of financial management, budgetting, frugal living, crockpot cooking, homemade cooking, I make homemade laundry soap, time management, prioritizing, balancing cooking, cleaning, me time, with children and hubby and finding the time to write, pray, study and read in the bible. Let's just say with my college degree at home I'll never stop learning something new and I'll always have a job to complete with my new knowledge learned.
If you would like to learn some of these skills please join me on fb and my website when you get out (for those in prison) and I will answer your questions and you can read all the posts i've written along the way. For any new moms and struggling woman I'd be happy to share with you what i've learned and just offer you Godly and moral friendship and support.

Have a Blessed Month in Christ's Love,
Kim Fincher

Family picture March 2014

September 2009 Joseph & Kim Fincher
A New Love


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