Weekly Menu Plan & Shopping List

I'm not sure if it's just me or if can I'm coming to realize you can't actually plan your shopping list to the exact when it comes to what you will need and what might come up as a need when you're in the store n realize I need that too or if it's 1/2 off on something you use n will need later. So, I'm thinking more flexible these days or last few weeks. I still buy everything on my list but I'm not adding it up instead I'm leaving room when we can for an extra $50- $100 to buy other things not on my list but that we will need and use. Now their's definitely weeks where my stricter budget will need to be followed n stuck to including calculating each item i put in my buggy and that's ok but not always practical in the long run. So with that said here's everything i bought the last week. Just for curiosity and I've went back to shopping primarily at old faithful HEB. i tried Aldi's n didn't enjoy the checkout or the customer service n they don't have everything I need or the selection I enjoy choosing the best price n value that's part of the fun for me. I don't enjoy shopping at wmart it's too big for me.

my actual receipt of items bought:

on 4/29 I had to go to WMart to get my husbands energy drinks and diapers for my 3 year old pray he potty trains soon please.

3 candy bars at check out $3.30, diapers $20 for 105 Parent Choice (love), 12 pck full throttle energy drinks $10, apple juice GV big one $2.48, 3 pck wipes PC $4.77, mayo $3.48 i cant tell what the other items are on the receipt but i bought 13 items and a total of $60.77

May 5th HEB shopping trip 42 items $77 spent Saved: $12.44 this is for on sale, their brand, and coupons doesn't include if u compare buying off brands with name brands savings (that's a big one).
I like that i can actually read what i bought on their receipts unlike at wmart where it has a big number n distorted name. 12 pck heb soda $2.97, HCF chicken breast pack $5.38, mangos 3/ $1, cantaloupe .87c, bananas .48lb, .82c, blackberries 6 oz .87c, hot dog buns .89c, ground turkey .25% off $2.23, ground beef 25% off 2 packs $8.33, zuchinni squash .36c, candy $1.50, bag of chips: free, sunflower seeds $1.78, cheese sauce $1.98, refried beans .56c for 2 cans w/ coupon, mosquito repellant 2/ $5.94, heb single cheese slices $3.67, hcf ham slices $3.67 heb soymilk $2.29, heb allergy med $3.24, hcf honey toasted o's $3.68, 3lb apples $2.97, 5lb potatos $1.59, pickles $2.99, razers $1, coffee filters $1.44, hce 12 rolls tp, $3.66,  2 pcks blueberry muffin mix $1.50, 2 jars hcf peanut butter $2.98, can corn .48, can peas .49, ranch dressing $2.18, cheese crackers $1.78.

Weekly Menu Plan:

hotdogs w/ curly fries & popcorn/ smores sat night game night fun
these were grilled with chicken too and we feasted
sunday: pizza at friends after church yeah
that night we had vegie nachos made from leftover vegies, rice and cheese sauce with salsa
mon. crock pot lasagna n spinach salad
tues meatloaf n coleslaw
wed leftovers n potato salad
thursday: goulash ground beef, vegies, n rice with ranch n salsa
friday meatloaf again yes! love it crockpot meatloaf from the freezer
sat husband will cook yeah
budget muffins i will double a recipe of store bought muffins by adding 1 cup of whole wheat flour to the recipe and double the egg n milk i also like to add some mashed banannas n pecans or choc chips just 1/2 cup. this will be crockpot made since our oven went out n i don't have a small enough muffin pan for our toaster oven, lol. hoping we will get the oven when we buy our neighbors house in God's timing.
for breakfast we have cereal, oatmeal, bacon n eggs, breakfast tacos mostly
lunch is usually sandwiches n fruit or yogurt for the boys and when they eat that i will give them some pnb crackers or chips.

I must confess I did go to the store again last night may 5th for dogfood n night time pullups n spent $70 its always better to just go once a week if possible for me or I tend to go ahead n spend on stuff for the next week that I will need so I bought fish, shrimp, shredded cheese, yogurt, eggs, bacon, plates, a brush n comb for me a total of 22 items. i saved $10.62 the dogfood was a 15lb bag HCF for $6.68 with a $2 coupon and the pullups were by Sleep Well 15qty for $7.95 (so expensive!), tamales were $1.99 for 12qty, HEB facial tissues 240ct 2 packs for $3.34, hair color $5.24 on sale, hand sanitizer $1.50, hce sunscreen $4.97, bananas .77c, wheat bread .99, fish was $5.98 for 3lbs, shrimp was $5 for 100-150 med sized, brush was $4.
so i will deduct this from this fridays food n home budget.
how do you plan ahead and do your shopping list each week, what your techniques or preferences?? I'd love to hear from ya! have a blessed day


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