A Small Victory!

I wish I still had the receipts to show you this small victory I had over money
but I will just have to tell you all about it.
My budget for food n household is $80 I took the money out and
stopped by walmart just to get a fathers day picture that I had already paid for.
I ended up spending $16 before taxes on several items: 2 bubble wands, a brand new pillow (cant buy those used or I want, lol), 2 waterproof pillow protectors, 2 mini blinds my husband mentioned he wanted to replace to in our living room i think that's it.
So now I had $60 limit at HEB for my grocery list. I carefully added up each item and marked it off my list and prioritized a few items as needs or wants added it up to make sure it was below not over $60 and went to check out it was $54 and the circle amount I saved using on electronic coupons, in-store coupons and on sale items was $16 the amount I spent at walmart before taxes. This to me was a very small but needed money in the money management and planning department and it made me excited to share with my husband and now with you. It shows that budgeting and careful planning do add up and leaves room for unplanned spending when you least expect it.

I hope this encourages someone today to start creating a budget and experience victory and freedom from debt by using what you have and being content you can stretch that hard earned dollar so much further than you could ever imagine!

As the Good Book says, "the lender is master to the borrower, do not owe anyone anything but love."

Blessings to you In

Christs Love and encouragement,

Kim Fincher


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