Success on Parole and Beyond Prison

When Getting Out of Prison

I need your help with making a list of resources for when someone get's out of prison. Those who've been there done that and wish you would've done this and that is who I'm looking for to share one this post so if you have successfully reentered the society after being in prison and completed parole and kept your nose clean then please help me create a list of to do's to help those who will be getting out and this list will be updated as I get comments for those getting out of prison on parole.

Here's a few things:

1. Check in with your parole officer
2. go to your approved parole address
3. attend the required aa or other meetings
4. go to the required appointments
5. Find a church and go to their bible study and utilize their resources and make friends
6. go to the workforce center use their resources for finding a job or starting job training
7. pay your parole fines and fees always on time this will start once you get a job
8. surround yourself by good people that will influence you in good ways


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