Humble Pie Not My Favorite

How many people know that God will prune us and humble us to help us see things we need to work on and to build our character so we can produce more fruit for Him and better live our lives purposes? Well today was my day to be served some humble pie and it definitely isn't my favorite.

I went to pay the rent and since we are doing the Dave Ramsey Cash Envelope System i was going to pay in cash. I asked her for change and she said oh we only accept exact amount as we dont have change that's why we ask for a check or money order. I left frustrated n upset considering I'd never been aware of such a rule n this gal was farely new so I couldn't pay my rent in cash because I had too much.....

Later that night I went to buy our groceries it was a small list so I decided to go against my rule of using a calculator well i forgot my food cash envelope in the car so before I checked out I went to get that and felt pretty sure my full buggy would easily be under the $80 I had for food. half way through the checkout i look up and see the total already at $150 and I was convinced their must be an error surely this little bit wasn't that much is what i stated to the cashier so they scan through everything and let me know that it's accurate so I'm thinking how would I even begin to put back $60 it seemed impossible to me at the time so I left my whole buggy surrendering in humiliation so upset and frustrated I went to my car in dismay and started crying so ashamed that I failed again today in using cash. Normally if this would've happened I would've consolidated our budget to cover up my overspending and went on. This time confronted with only cash I couldn't pay because I didn't have enough money...... I had to tell my husband what happened and he being the compassionate man he is offered to go get a small list of stuff so I gave him a list and he went bless his heart for being such a great supporter and encourager.


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