Quick stuffed Baked Potato

I love sharing easy and quick meals especially when my picky 4 year old will eat them.

Here's a simple crockpot beans n baked potatos dish. The trick with crockpots is to cook ur dinner after breakfast my young friend said that that's not fast n I'm weird, lol oh well, maybe I am but hey it's very easy for me to throw 2 cups of beans n water and some bean seasoning in the crockpot push the high for 4 hours button n not think about it until i smell the aroma of the cooked beans. for the potatos i chopped several up in quarters with the peels after rinsing clean and filled a quart pan with water until boiling n covered up with the lid on med high for 20 min, turned the heat off n let sit until i was ready to drain n serve.

i pilled some of the potato peel off if brown and around the side mashed the potato down n added butter, drained beans and added on top of potato then drizzled ranch and sprinkled with cheese this is a great way to hide vegetables n my son loved it, tricky yep!!

Here's the pics for proof and a visual:

this recipe is very versatile meaning it can be made in many ways to add ingredients and flavors u enjoy. if u dont want to cook ur own beans u could replace with a can of chili with beans and instead of ranch u can use sourcream and cheese sauce instead of shredded cheese i added some cajun seasoning n bacon bits after trying mine for a littler more flavor. If you try this recipe please share with me your pictures!


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