save by refinishing cheap or even free furniture

i've recently started using Kilz to spray down different pieces and refinish them. I've yet to fully use the refinishing techniques that you can do on wood furniture but plan to and here's a great read on the steps to doing that and a great picture example above.

You can find lots of great items for free on trash day we've found a futon and a desk and I've seen many more items that could be reused and refinished. If you are not brave enough to do that you can also find great bargain pieces at garage and yard sales and even thrift stores that are really great deals and an easy way to find great furniture without paying full prices and getting into debt.

i hope this inspires and helps someone.

Heres some projects i've done just playing around with mainly Kilz.

Before and After Gold mirror I used Kilz and then mixed pink n purple acrilic paints for the outside of frame
and finished it off with the help of my toddler boys red and blue glitter. we had alot of fun. the table underneath has been sprayed with one coat of kilz n i might do a rustic look by sanding it down to show the wood grain in between the white base and ill add a pic when it's finished.

this was a gold frame i like the white frosting  on the glass but will clean it up a bit and might do some details to the frame

this one is finished i used kilz on the gold frame and then went over that with a blue water color
and the inside frame is done with a glitter gel pen and the outside which u cant see i used water color and a gel glitter pen


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