Why I LOVE Shopping at HEB!

In my small town of Corsicana, TX we might not have all the options bigger cities do but I am so thankful that we have my favorite grocery store and that's HEB I just wish we had an HEB Plus so it's more like a Super Wmart which I do not like going to because it's so big and all the essentials are so far apart I get easily distracted in there so it's probably good we just have a small HEB.

In my 5 years of being a stay at home mom and wife and managing our families one income I've tried shopping at all the different big chain stores our town has to offer: Super Wal-Mart (too big and too many options), Aldi's (too small and not enough choices or selection), Brookshires (too expensive for most items), Super 1 (some good deals and selections but not as good as.... HEB.

For me shopping at HEB is easy, convenient, and I save money with it's great selection of generic products at rock bottom prices it's really a no brainer to me. In comparison Super Wal-Mart is a great option but my preference is the smaller HEB to get everything my family needs on a weekly basis. From food to bathroom and personal needs I can easily get from one end of their store to the other without feeling exhausted unlike at Wal-Mart which is twice the size and when it comes to checking out HEB's staff is for the most part always very helpful and friendly and quickly checks you out and the wait is never more than 5 minutes and they are always quick to open another lane when it gets backed up unlike at WalMart even with the self-check out lanes it's usually always a hassle to check out and frustrating and several times I've been overcharged or double-charged for items and the customer service is not that great or professionalism big difference to me.

Also when it comes to saving money which is very important to me HEB makes it very easy and customer friendly by offering in-store coupons on alot of their brands and generic brands which I already buy and our HEB just upgraded to digital coupons and their's alot of generic coupons on things I already buy, very exciting! I've tried using coupons at Super WalMart and if I have more than one they usually do not apply them right or it's just a big hassle.

So for me I'm sticking to good ol' HEB where they print and circle how much you save on your receipt and the receipts are not filled with long lines of numbers but the actual product you bought and price so it's extremely easy to read afterwards and it always adds up and is accurate. So, thank you HEB for making this moms life a bit easier atleast when it comes to saving at the grocery store.


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