Yard Sale Deals-summer 2015 week 1

With my oldest starting school this fall I am setting aside $20 per week for use at yard sales to purchase all his school uniforms. This week I scored 2 adjustable waist shorts for $1 each! and some great orange bowls and some needed spoons for $6 at first they said $10 and so I went n put them down n kept looking n soon enough they came back n offered me for $6 almost 1/2 off, yeah my husband loves orange n we hadn't bought any new bowls in a long time so this was more of a want but all in all I saved money just on the quality shorts I bought. Key is to be persistent I've already been to about 10 yard sales n this is just my 2nd one where I found his size in school uniforms and try your best not to blow all ur money on great deals you didn't intend on buying, lol! Trust me I know it's hard but what I've been doing is going right to the clothes n even asking the people if they have what i'm looking for and they will either say I don't know or sometimes they will say no or yes n direct me to where they are. and I try to not take my time browsing but be fast 5 minutes or less per yard sale. Other than todays extra purchase I've only spent extra on 2 shirts for me last week for $2 and the week before I found some great toys for the boys for $5 so that's not too bad.

Here's pictures and I'll try to do this each week until school starts.


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