How Im Dealing with Anxiety

This last month I've been dealing with some major physical pains in my wrists, my right shoulder and back to the point i finally visited a Dr. As a stay at home mom I am normally under alot of anxiety so when the nurse asked me about anxiety I just started tearing up and then I was asked alot of mental related questions and they had me take an anxiety test. The Dr. prescribed me two prescriptions one was for the pain- Meloxicam which is a nsaid and the other was for my mental health which she was very convinced i have OCD which is obsessive compulsive disorder. So i went in because of my physical pain and was told how to discipline my children and told i have a mental disorder that I don't have. I asked her how she observed this she started explaining to me what it was and I said I don't do these things I was stressed, I do have alot of anger at my children as they do not listen or mind most of the time and they are both very young so lots of energy at 3 and 5 and they are both boys. So, i did go ahead and take the medicines for 3 days but reading the list of possible side effects was terrible as someone who does have bipolar depression but chooses not to get on medication the Sertraline said it can increase depression and suicide thoughts/attempts (which isn't going to happen).
So, the immediate side effects I experienced were a stomach pain from the meloxicam and drowsiness and waking up very tired feeling from the sertraline was enough for me to not go that route.
I have decided to go the natural route which is utilizing God given foods and eventually more physical working out I am looking into beach bodies right now as i love to dance so my next post I'm going to share with you some top superfoods for a healthier life and body.
I am also taking care of my spirit/soul with the Word of God always daily this is a must as spiritual strongholds try to mess with us ok and that's the mental health issues and so we have to stay in the faith and in the word. I am going to be sharing the word study i'm doing too in a post on Pure, Clean, and Holy and I'm convinced I can be a Woman of God that's not taking prescription drugs all the days of my life that I can handle my health by taking care of my body, mind, and soul the all natural way.

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