How to double your paycheck

Now I'm not going to tell you how to make double the money you will make at a job but I'm going to share with you how I've doubled my husbands income in resources and consumer goods by working hard and preparing; here's how:
1.Create a budget and stick to it

  1. Use cash only and live below your means example: we give 10% and save 10% from each paycheck so we live on 80% and often theirs some left over
  2. be content with what you have use, repurpose, recycle and go without unless u really need it
  3. shop at yard sales, thriftstores, and pawn shops first and avoid buying brand-new
  4. buy fresh produce in season and stock up for when they're not in season by freezing ex. Corn, berries, potatos, apples are all in season now you can freeze these and they are super cheap right now and have plenty for now and maybe some when they're more expensive so buy the produce that's cheapest now and use that for your cooking not the more expensive out of season items.
  5. Cook at home to save tons of money. Homemade pizza is 2-3 times cheaper than the cheapest fast food pizza or frozen pizza and it's a whole lot healthier and filling when you use homemade pizza dough which is super cheap to make.
  6. Homemade is healthier, fresher, and cheaper ex. Bread, muffins, cake, cookies, pizza.
  7. Make your own laundry soap to save $100's a year i've been making mine for 5 years only need to make 5 gallons about 3 times a year and it costs less than $40 for all the ingredients and it works great with vinegar for those greasy work clothes and smelly childrens clothes. I use the extra strength vinegar like bleach added to my husbands work clothes and most of the laundry.
  8. Learn the dave ramsey program and use it we're doing the baby step one again but it makes a lot of sense to save $1k for unplanned expensive and they always come up and pay off all your debt and that's step 2, step 3 save for 3 months worth of say if you were unemployed and then step 4 save for retirement and step 5 invest. We are doing it a bit different as we really want to buy a house he suggest having all ur debt payed off first and then having atleast 20% for down payment but to be honest that would take us 3-5 years and we've already been renting 5 years and have had enough of it so we're doing it differently but it's definitely good stuff to learn.
  9. Put God first do give and once you have enough for you today and for later you can give and it feels great to be the one to give and not the one always in need. We've been on foodstamps before and so I know and we've been able to help others now that we've learned these practical living skills and biblical principles for living a life that is pleasing to God. We have room to learn and to grow more and look forward to sharing what we learn along the way.


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