Superfoods for a Super You

Superfoods are the best of nature and nutrition with lots of health and nutrition benefits packed into each serving of these all natural, God created foods.

I had a list of top superfoods nutritionist eat daily but I can't find that list here's some that I am eating daily and remember off hand:

yogurt, broccoli, blueberries, oatmeal, cinnamon, flaxseeds, fish, tomatoes

for me i think you need to love your meals to really make it work so I enjoy a simple meal of oatmeal each morning with that I add 2 tbsp of organic coconut oil, and a scoop of weightloss protein powder chocolate flavored, and cinnamon that's it for me i usually would skip breakfast and just drink a cup of coffee so i've changed to include first a glass of cold water with fresh lemon juice for the antioxidant and detox benefits. I eat my oatmeal and then drink my coffee. i'm going to get some flaxseed to add to my oatmeal for added health benefits.

For my anxiety I also take a few different specific things to help with that:

a womans vitamin that i bought from cvs that's for mental health and energy that's a one a day multivitamin, a stress energy tab from Stresstabs it's suppose to help reduce stress and fatigue, i also have homeopathic formulas from 21C you spray in your mouth that i take through out the day as needed the ones i take are Morale (for mood swings, sadness, despair, hypersensitivity), Recharge (for fatigue, drowsiness, sweet food cravings, drain of energy, headaches, nausea), and Serenity (for mental, physical, or emotional stress, tension, body pains, irritability, sleeplessness) these are also gentle for children these got really good reviews but as of yet i haven't really seen any results in the last 2 weeks i've been using so we will see.

theirs alot of other great foods that you can add to this small list the best thing is to pick items that are in season and if you can afford go with organic but i can't afford so i just buy what's in season like blueberries, brocolli, and watermelon are all in season right now and you can freeze some items for later use such as green beans and corn.

I believe God's Creation has the answer to all my health needs and maybe some therapy would be beneficial too but I will not trust pharmaceutical meds with my health when I haven't exhausted what nature has to offer and natural medicines.

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