Words of Encouragement

 For whatever the heart desires will be made known by our words, actions and deeds. Faith without works is dead and you can tell a mans faith by his deeds and actions. Even a fool seems wise when he is silent and speaks few words. It's by ones actions that you can examine the intent of their heart. Whatever seeds a man plants he will sow in harvest, if he plants not he sows not. You cannot expect to receive something without working hard, somebody had to do some work to get that food or that money; if it's not you than you are using somebody's resources and that makes you in debt to them rather it be a bank, the government, or an individual. Borrow only what you can pay off in a minimal amount of time with your sweat equity. Do not borrow without planning to work that debt off, this creates a poor mans mentality within you and dampens your faith in God's provisions. It's better to work hard for little than to have much without working for it at all. You can sleep well when you have put in a full days work but if you lay around collecting “benefits” you will never be at ease or content or fulfilled but instead you will be restless all of your days.


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