Yard Sale Deals-#2-Summer '15

This week I upped my allowance to $40 with the list to find:
a nice living room chair
some more school clothes

and really just any misc great deals like a hand sander as Im going
to refinish some wood furniture we have as a hobby and any
toys and craft stuff for me and the boys.
cheap summer shirts

Here's what I bought:

black leather very comfy office chair $5 (this was a great find as my back has been hurting and i sit at my desk alot n hadn't upgraded my chair that was given to me so it was a great find)
i did find a living room chair like i wanted but i wasnt willing to spend $30 on it so i passed on that
i bought a few summer shirts for .25c each and some shirts for me for under $1 each and a nice shirt for my husband for $1
black car floor mats 6 for $4
a hand sander $8
can of interior spray paint $1
lego table w/storage and legos $2.50
igloo ice chest w/rollers and drain .50c
round like new living room rug $5
2 long rugs $1 each
large peg board .50c
a childs razor helmet $1

I'm going to wait two weeks before shopping again at a yard sale and stay tuned for
#3 Yard Sale Deals-Summer'15 (link will be here).

until then here's the latest update on cash only spending


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