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i've lost 6 lbs! just updated 8/24/15
it's been over one month since i seen a dr for my terrible back pain and left with 2 prescription recommendations.
 at first i took them but the side effects made me come to a very important life decision and that's to make changes.
 i started eating 80% whole and raw foods gradually over the last month, stepped away from the artificial sweeteners and diet sodas and painfully n slowly started working out my neck, back, and core and the improvements are not only the weight loss but the pain has decreased drastically from my neck, back n shoulders and i've only needed pain medicine a few times and I know that this is just the beginning to taking back my health after a period of post-partam depression, lack of energy, and stress of being a sahm.(stay at home mom)
 i'm conquering my giants and so can you if you have any of the same struggles, you can do it!
 it felt great to go down a pant size, but most importantly to me is I know that I will be a better wife and mom when I am at my healthiest! 
Praise the Lord!! 
If you can relate and need some motivation or encouragement feel free to pm me and i'd be happy to give you any resources that are helping me.
 #1 for me is to honor God with my life by reading the bible each morning that keeps my heart and mind in the right place to start my day of conquering giants of laziness, overwhelming stress n anxiety from the children, pain and lack of motivation. 
I can do all things through Christ who is my strength! 
Philippians 4:13


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