Today's Recipe: Homemade Berry Applesauce

I got this recipe ideal from a youtube video on homemade appleberry pancake syrup and turned it into my own by adding a few ingredient variations and making it applesauce it's also great in place of syrup for pancakes. heres the blog that inspired this recipe: Blogilates- Berry Apple Sauce

What You will Need:

food processor or magic bullet

2 apples
4 strawberries
handful of greens
honey to taste
cinnamon to taste
vanilla extract to taste
optional ingredients:
brown sugar and shredded sweetened coconut
homemade granola sprinkled on top

okay this is a very simple and superfoods yummy homemade applesauce recipe!
you chop the apple around the core and include the peel put in your food processor,
chop the strawberries in slices, tear the greens like kale n spinach in small pieces add to the processor,
drizzle some honey on top, cinnamon sprinkles n vanilla extract blend until a smooth sauce

Chill until nice and cold in freezer and enjoy with yogurt or oatmeal it's delicious by itself too and one of my favorite ways to sneak in greens to my meal without eating a salad! it also really moves your bowels so be careful if you are taking any other type of fiber type supplements this one will do it all natural. enjoy and share, comment with your pics! have a super blessed day!


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