Today's Smoothie: Rasberry Lemon Delicious!

This smoothie is so, so good I just had to share it today! I have to admit blending new and delicious smoothies is an enjoyable new hobby of mine. Today I experimented with an avocado ingredient as I seen a youtube video where she used a whole avocado in her breakfast smoothie. here's the inspiration for my superfood smoothie for today in the above video and it's the first smoothie recipe.

so for my Rasberry Lemon Smoothie here's what you will need

1/2 cup of frozen rasberries
frozen 1/4 avocado (pre-frozen and chopped)(can't taste adds nutrition n thickens)
a handful of frozen or fresh chopped kale (stem removed only leaves)(superfood)
1 slice of frozen lemon including the outer peel (seed removed)
1/4 or less frozen banana slices
1/4 cup milk or soy milk
1/2 cup of water or more depending on how thick you want it the avocado really thickens this smoothie
i also added an ice cube just for more texture
blend, blend, blend really well

this is a really flavorful, and super healthy for energy and fat burning, nutrient rich smoothie. Please share your pictures if you tried this!
have a blessed day! Living Healthy n Praising God!


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